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A-Levels to MCAT - Physics Guide (part 2)

  • A-Levels to MCAT - Physics Guide (part 2)

This is the second part of the Physics guide for transition from A-level to MCAT.
The Part 2 syllabus carries more weightage so it should be of your prime focus.
Expected duration: 7 days

Chapter # 17
Questions: 02

One of the easiest chapters in Physics in Part II. It will hardly take you 20 minutes ti learn. The questions they ask about this chapter might not be so straightforward though. In fact the questions will probably be conceptual and A-level style. So polish up your past knowledge before moving on to FSC.

• Point (a) to (c) are covered in only 3 pages that are from 138 - 140.
• Point (d) is covered on page 142.

Chapter # 18 & #14
Questions: 02

Again, a very small chapter but don't be deceived by its length. The text is simple but you need to have the functions of gates on your tips to solve the MCQs. They will most probably give you a diagram with several gates attached and ask you for the final output. If you have the KIPS past papers or books, you'll know what I mean.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 167 - 169. (XOR and XNOR are not included)
• Point (b) is covered on pages 68 - 70

Chapter # 12 & # 13
Questions: 03

This chapter is the easiest in the whole of the MCAT syllabus. It has only basic concepts. No details whatsoever. The questions are simple too.

• Point (a) and (b) are covered on pages 36-37
• Point (c) and (d) are covered on pages 22 - 26. The details of capacitor isn't written in the syllabus but I did it anyway.

Chapter # 14
Questions: 03

Another easy chapter with only basics.

• Point (a) (i) is covered on pages 57 - 58. The magnetic field formula is not written in the FSC book. So recall the A-levels one i.e. B = μI/2πr
• Point (a) (ii) is not in the book. The formula is written in the syllabus and all you have to do is apply it. (B = μnI)
• Point (b) is not in the book either. You will have to study it from the KIPS book or you’re A-levels books.

Chapter # 20
Questions: 07

Seven questions! Not that's a lot, right? So you can expect this chapter to be long. It isn't hard, don't worry. Mostly it's just learning the text and values.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 208 - 210. You should remember the wavelength and frequency of X-rays very well.
• Point (b) is not in the book. Refer to the KIPS book
• Point (c) is covered on pages 210 - 211
• Point (d) and (e) is on page 211. CT scanning/ CAT is the same thing. All that is required is the small paragraph on page 211.
• Point (f) is new concept. It is covered on pages 213 - 215
• Point (g) is covered on pages 215 - 216. It is VERY important.

Chapter # 21
Questions: 07

Another long chapter as you can judge by the number of questions it will have. This chapter is a lot more detailed than the one we did in our A-levels and it has A LOT of learning.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 226 - 227, 232 - 234. The table on page 234 is extremely important.
• Point (b) is covered on pages 227 - 228. Now even though the syllabus does not specifically mention half lives, you still have to know the basic formulas and the values of certain isotopes half lives on page 231, second paragraph. The graph and other details aren't required.
• Point (c) is not in the book. You can find it in the KETS book.
• Point (d) is covered on pages 234 - 237. Solid state detector is not included so don't waste your time on it.
• Point (e) is very important and is covered on pages 249 - 254. Make sure to learn and cram all the values and figures. Even the smallest, most insignificant ones.

This ends the guide for the Physics part of the MCAT syllabus.

For credits, go to the introduction page.


  1. Admin your efforts are highly appreciated.May God reward you for this. I have a request can you please also solve further maths mechanics section questions and upload them just like you have uploaded it for physics

    1. Thanks.

      I'll think about it. But still even to keep up with the physics questions takes a lot. If you know about people who are willing to do the mechanics part, you could ask them to contact me. I would be willing to upload their solutions, as long as they are correct.


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