Thursday, November 26, 2015

A-Levels to MCAT - English Guide

  • A-Levels to MCAT - English Guide

The English guide has only 1 part.

Expected duration: 3 Months

Yup, you read it right. 3 months. That is because you have to study a bit of English EVERYDAY for 3 months to actually be able to solve the MCQs.

If your English is a little rusty, read the rules and practice questions. You can get a lot of MCAT English books from the market to help you.

As for the vocabulary... Now that is something I did everyday. First of all, buy a book for the MCAT vocabulary. If you can get your hands on the KIPs English vocab book, that will be perfect. But KIPS does not sell their book in the market. Only students in the academies can get it. But if you do get it somehow, that is the best vocabulary book there is.

I didn't have the KIPS book so I used MCAT by Dogar Books for the vocabulary.

Now there are some 600 words you have to learn with their meanings and synonyms. The best plan of action is to learn 10 words per day. So if you keep up with this schedule, your English vocabulary should be done in around 2 and a half months.

For credits, go to the introduction page.

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