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A-Levels to MCAT - Biology Guide (part 1)

  • A-Levels to MCAT - Biology Guide (part 1)

Again, the guide consists of 2 parts, the first part is what follows.

Expected duration: 13 days
For biology, unlike Physics and Chemistry, the entire chapters are included. The book covers the whole syllabus so you don't really need to refer to another book or your A-levels unless you want to revise your previous knowledge. So instead of writing the pages for the individual learning outcomes, I will tell you what isn't included. Remember, Biology is the most major subject and carries the most number of MCQs so it should be your prime focus. Biology MCQs are really quick and easy to solve one you have learned the topics well.

Chapter # 1
Questions: 04

The whole chapter is included from the first letter to the last.

Chapter # 4 
Questions: 10

The whole chapter is included except lysosome, perioxisomes, glycoxysome on pages 56 - 57. I still read them just in case though. Plastids on page 60 - 61 are also not included. For cell meiosis and mitosis, you have to do the WHOLE of chapter 21 from BIOLOGY PART II.

Chapter # 2 & # 3
Questions: 09

The whole of chapter 2 and 3 are included. Nothing must be left out.

Chapter # 5, #6, #7
Questions: 04

Now this is a long chapter and has only 4 questions but like I said every question counts so you have to do everything, down to the t. In these chapters a lot of things have been excluded from the syllabus.

For Viruses, learn from pages 72 - 80. Hepatitis isn't in the syllabus but no harm in reading about it.

For Bacteria, refer to pages 84 - 91. Leave out the importance of bacteria. Then learn the text from page 94, under the heading of 'use and misuse of bacteria'. Nothing else is included.

For Fungi, move to chapter 8 and study from pages 113 - 120. And the then the Importance of Fungi on pages 125 - 128. 

Chapter # 9 & # 10
Questions: 05

... The most horrible chapter in the entire MCAT syllabus. You have been warned. It was a NIGHTMARE. There are hard pronouncing words and terms in it that you have to learn and you have no choice. So even if it takes you a while, you HAVE to learn them. There is no way out.

But the good news is, not the whole of the chapters are included!

Kingdom Plantae - pages 155 - 163. Leave out the 'Familiar plants' and 'Vegetative & Floral characteristics'. Fabaceae on page 158 & Mimosaceae on page 160 is not included. Now here's the shocking news: in the 2015 syllabus, they haven't mentioned individual subtopics for Kingdom Plantae. I'm guessing that was a misprint but you can't take chances. You'll have to do the whole chapter unfortunately. And it's a pretty pointless chapter.

For Kingdom Anamalia, refer to pages 167 - 180, 183 - 184, 186 - 187.

Chapter # 12, #13, #14
Questions: 13

The chapters in Human Physiology in Part I  are only (a) Digestive system (b) Gaseous Exchange and Transport (h) Immunity. The rest are in the next book that will be discussed later.

For (a) learn everything from pages 245 - 256.
For (b) learn from pages 267 - 275, 306 - 315
For (h) learn from pages 323 - 327

Chapter # 11
Questions: 05

I recommend revising the A-levels chapters of Respiration and Photosynthesis first. The entire chapter is included. Pay close attention to the cycles and schemes given because the examiners like to pick out information out of them and make an MCQ.

The part I syllabus ends here. It might seem long but Biology is VERY easy. And it is a major subject. So if you have learned your Bio well, that's a guaranteed 88 MCQs correct for you.

For credits, go to the introduction page.


  1. Hi, thank you so much for this. Are the page references from the inter booK for biology?
    It will be really appreciated if you put up a post on how to prepare for Mcat.


    1. It's the FSC books. See the previous posts for the other subjects - the one for English still needed o be added.

      Actually, it is taken from another author (with permission). The links will be added later.
      I did not personally do MCAT.


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