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About us

Physics Reference ( is a blog intended to help everyone by sharing topics regarding Physics and other related topics for educational and entertainment purposes. The information posted will cover different levels of studies related to the field of Physics (University, A-Level, O-Level, ...)

Since the physics subject is claimed to be among the among difficult academic subjects around the world, the different posts will be mostly in the forms of explanations, notes, worked solutions (of past exam papers, ...). Doubts from visitors are also accepted and will be cleared (as far as possible).

Students (and any other visitors) are highly encouraged the use the materials provided intelligently so that they may develop themselves intellectually with the proper skills. Visitors may also discuss the different physics topics among themselves through the comment box available (comments are moderated) and share the links to the posts of the blog with others.

It is hoped that this blog will be proved to be beneficial to the visitors, not detrimental to them.

Copyright Issues

In many instances, reference will be made to other resources (e.g. past papers, books, online files, advertising, ...) that may not necessarily our work. Note that the authors of these respective materials own the rights to these and we DO NOT claim any of these. Anyone of them may claim their copyrights (through the comment box) and the respective materials will be removed as soon as possible.

All other works available on this blog are our owned by us and should not be used elsewhere. We DO NOT permit the printing and use of these materials for commercial use (without permission). Anyone willing to make use of them should do so online. Whenever the information is used, proper reference should be made to the respective pages.

والحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات
ِAnd all praise is due to Allah alone, the One with Whose blessings and grace all good deeds can be completed


  1. THANKS!!!!! U HELPED SO MUCH, jazakallah :D

  2. Who are you, and how do you know EVERYTHING?

    1. Don't worry about who I am. And, I don't know everything.

  3. hello. Could someone please help me out with November 2015 question paper 13 question 37?

    1. see explanation at


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