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Kinematics | 9702 Physics Summary Notes

  • 3. Kinematics | 9702 Physics Summary Notes

3.1 Linear Motion

·  Distance: total length moved irrespective of direction
·  Displacement: distance in a certain direction
·  Speed: distance traveled per unit time, no direction
·  Velocity: the rate of change of displacement
·  Acceleration: the rate of change of velocity
·  Displacement-time graph:
o Gradient = velocity

3.2 Non-linear Motion

·  Velocity-time graph:
o Gradient = acceleration
o Area under graph = change in displacement

·  Uniform acceleration and straight line motion equations:
·  Acceleration of free fall = 9.81ms-2

3.3 Determining Acceleration of Free Fall

A steel ball is held on an electromagnet.
·  When electromagnet switched off, ball interrupts a beam of light and a timer started.
·  As ball falls, it interrupts a second beam of light & timer stopped
Vertical distance  is plotted against t^2

3.4 Motion of Free Falling Bodies

3.5 Projectile motion

·  Projectile motion: uniform velocity in one direction and constant acceleration in perpendicular direction 

·  Horizontal motion = constant velocity (speed at which projectile is thrown)
·  Vertical motion = constant acceleration (cause by weight of object, constant free fall acceleration)
Curved path – parabolic (y x2)

3.5 Motion of a Skydiver

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