Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Physics Discussion Thread 1

  • Physics Discussion Thread 1

In this post, I would like the visitors using this blog to interact with each other about anything related to Physics. I highly recommend everyone to participate and share their tips (practical, theory, ...), problems, understanding of concepts, ideas, suggestions, views (critical, ...), .... and anything about Physics. It may be about this blog, your exams, notes, studies (changes to the latest syllabus, ...) and even things that are not in your syllabus.

Note that laptops, tablets, phones, the internet, mechanical works, .... all have physics principles at their base. So, there is a lot to discuss.

The fact that this blog is visited by people from different countries around the world will greatly help you to broaden your ideas and knowledge and learn or teach new things to each other.

This is the first post for discussion, so you are free to talk about any topic related to Physics here. If you are participating, may be later we could organize discussions on specific topics of physics. If you are participating, be sure to bookmark the link and check regularly.

Comments are still being moderated. So, just write your comments and I'll try to publish them as soon as possible. I intend to publish most comments, unless they contain inappropriate contents.

I hope you'll participate in this discussion. Anyone is welcomed to start the discussions.


  1. Hi!
    i have no idea how to solve this question
    cie a level november 2006 paper 6 Q15
    thanks in advance!

    1. See question 618 at

  2. can u solve question 4 from 9702 w13 paper 12

    1. Go to

  3. Sometime , i wonder why the equation of the electric field look like the equation of the gravity . Example the gravity field compare to electric field and mass compare with charge .According to your blog and realize that the different between them is the attractive force of gravity field is always positive while electric field can be positive and negative.But still i think they are still same .


    1. Yeah, they have a lot of similarities. Gravitational forces are always attractive though, while electric forces can be attractive or repulsive.

      Try to check there:

      Physicists have been trying to explain all the fundamental forces, but have not been completely successful yet.
      Example: magnetism and electric have been combined into electromagnetism, ...

    2. Thanks , maybe physic have much more for us to explore =D



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