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A-Level Physics (9702) | Recommended Books

  • A-Level Physics (9702) | Recommended Books

In this post, I’ll list some of the recommended books, with some details, that are useful for both students and teachers doing the Cambridge A-Level Physics (9702) syllabus. Note that these are the books recommended by Cambridge for its syllabus. Other people may recommend other books.

So, until the A-Level Physics (9702) Notes are provided on the blog, I would recommend you use one of these books.

  • 1. Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook with CD-ROM, Second Edition

Authors: Sang, D., Jones, G., Woodside, R. and Chadha, G.
ISBN: 9781107697690
Published in 2014.
Edition: 2
Published by Cambridge University Press, UK

Fully revised and updated content matching the Cambridge International Examinations 9702 syllabus for first examination in 2016

Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook (second edition), comprehensively covers all the knowledge and skills students need for AS/A Level Physics 9702 (first examination 2016).


  • Fully tailored to the new AS and A Level syllabus for first teaching 2014 and first examination in 2016 including the new Key Concepts material (essential ideas, theories, principles and mental tools to help learners develop deep understanding of the subject and make links between topics).
  • Consistent use of thorough Worked Examples to help learners to tackle complex content in a step by step way.
  • Clearly colour-coded sections throughout differentiate between AS and A Level content, making navigation through the text simple and intuitive.
  • Formative assessment in the form of self assessment questions throughout each chapter allow learners to track their progress through the course.
  • Exam-style questions at the end of every chapter allow students to prepare thoroughly for their examinations.
  • Accompanying student CD-ROM containing detailed answers to all questions in the book, advice on revision and approaching examinations and recommendations of additional resources to supplement learning.
  • Reference to contemporary contexts and applications throughout to increase the relevance of the content to learners.
  • Use of accessible language written with international learners in mind.
  • New digital versions of the textbooks are coming in 2015 and will offer an enriched learning experience through material such as animation, video and audio content, and/or self-marking quiz, assessment questions and personalisation of table of contents.

  • 2. Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Second Edition (with CD)

Author: Crundell, M, Goodwin, G and Mee, C
ISBN: 9781471809217
Published in 2014.
Edition: 2
Extent: 416 pages
Published by Hodder Education

This new edition follows the syllabus exactly and is written in two parts, reflecting the AS and A Level section division of the syllabus.
- Improves exam performance with annotated sample exam answers at three levels
- Offers additional support on a Student's CD-ROM, included with every book
- Provides opportunities for self assesment with worked examples and consolidation questions

  • 3. Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Teacher's Resource CD-ROM Second Edition
This new edition of the Teacher's Resource matches the requirements of the revised AS and A Level Physics 9702 syllabus, for first examination from 2016 and is endorsed by Cambridge Internaitonal Examinations. 

CD-ROM ISBN: 9781107663008
Author: Sang, D, Jones, G, Chadha, G, Miller, J, Stark, W and Woodside, R
Published in 2014.
Edition: 2
Published by Cambridge University Press, UK


  1. i'm doing the physics as and a levels in november 2015. what were the physics books endorsed by cambridge before the revised 2016 syllabus? please someone reply asap, as i need to order books soon and begin studying.

    1. You can try the first edition of these books.

      There is no major changes in the Nov 2015 syllabus. Be sure to check the worked solutions of past papers at

    2. i already did, couldn't find any, its as if they were completely wiped out.
      side note: i've already checked out and studied most of the content on your blog, its amazing, thanks for your hard work.

    3. Don't know. Have you tried to contact physics students that are older than you, maybe you could buy the book from them.

      Anyway, what I wanted to say is that if you work all the past exam questions, you will definitely have covered the syllabus.

      Try to search for the Cambridge syllabus itself and see if you understand all the required points.

  2. i do understand them, but i still want to study more and from the book itself as well especially the practical part to get the best possible grade i can get. you said there is no major change from the november 2015 syllabus to the 2016 syllabus. if so, what are the parts that did change? since the syllabus wasn't all that clear on the changes that occurred. also, i found this book, is it intended for use with the 2015 november session?

    1. I meant no major changes in the 2014 - 2015 syllabus.

      Yes, this book is the 1st edition of the second book i listed above.

  3. So this book would cover the 2015 syllabus?

  4. Which of the first two books is the best (/your favourite) book

    1. I use both together. But I think that on their own, neither of them is enough to ensure a 100% ace at A-Level, even if both are used.

      Practicing past papers is really important.


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