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A-Level Physics Notes Syllabus 2015

  • A-Level Physics Notes Syllabus 2015

Available here is a set of A-Level notes for Physics (9702) syllabus. It contains both AS and A2 chapters.

Even students of the later syllabus may use these notes as most of them is still relevant to the new syllabus.

Link: A-Level Physics Notes Syllabus 2015
Credit: Neha of India

The chapters included are:

1. Units and Measurements
2. Deformation of Solids
3. Electric fields
4. Electric current, potential difference and resistance
5. Resistance and resistivity
6. Practical circuits
7. Waves
8. Superposition of waves
9. Stationary waves
10. Forces, vectors and moments
11. Momentum
12. Waves, energy and power
13. Projectiles
14. Radioactivity
15. Accelerated motion
17. Circuit motion
18. Gravitational fields
19. Oscillations
20. Communication systems
21 Thermal physics
22. Ideal gases
23. Coulomb's law
24. Capacitance
25. Electronics
26. Magnetic fields
27. Charged particles
28. Electromagnetic induction
29. Alternating current
30. Quantum physics
31. Nuclear physics
32. Medical imaging

The notes were written by Neha of India and were made available here with permission. You are also welcomed to help the community by contributing such materials for any subject.

You may also try to complete this collection by providing notes for the new topics added in the new syllabus.
Share your ideas on how the notes may be improved.

Hope this helps you in your studies.


  1. Thanks they are v goood hard worked notes..........
    that can help my student really well ...

  2. It say the file not supported

    1. download and open with a pdf reader


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